Deontay Wilder offers Anthony Joshua $50million for a heavyweight fight (See Details)

Deontay Wilder has made a $50 million offer to get fellow undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in the ring for a unification match.

He told reporters he’s offered CRAZY money to Anthony Joshua to make their mega-fight happen, and if Joshua passes, it’s proof the Englishman is a COWARD.

Joshua had previously said he’d have no problem fighting Wilder for $50 million dollars upfront … a demand so crazy that some thought it was his way of backing out of the fight.

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It might have backfired, because when we got Deontay at LAX he told our guy they put the money together, and sent over a deal to Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

“I just sent them what they wanted. They said they wanted 50 mil … and he’ll fight, you gotta be a man of your word.”

Wilder says the fight would take place in the United States — after all, his side is putting up all the money — and insisted the ball is now squarely in Joshua’s court to take the fight or not.

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“I’m just ready to do what I got to do.”

We all are.

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