Kanye West lost his mind after he married Kim Kardashian – Wendy Williams

Media Personality, Wendy Williams had her sights set on Kanye West on her talk show yesterday, calling out the rapper after his return to Twitter was met with criticism across the board.

She said:

“Kanye West has really lost his mind,” said Williams at the top of Tuesday’s show. “And I don’t mean that in a humorous way. We’ve seen him on a slippery slope for a long time. This is really sad, you all.”

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“In the last week, he’s tweeted 112 times. Plenty of people do that, the problem with his is that they’re rants, his thoughts about god, his thoughts about slavery is a mentality, he talked about supporting right winger Trump and the Trump supporters. He’s talking about deprogramming, he wants to deprogram people,” she continued. “It’s just a slippery, slippery slope.”

She then said West hasn’t “hasn’t been the same” since his hospitalization in 2016, when he was treated for a mental breakdown. Williams added, “He hasn’t been the same since he married Kim.

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