Student Commits Suicide To Avoid Deportation To Nigeria In Malaysia (Photo)

In a bid to escape a return to Nigeria, a student by the name of Uju Pious Ejikeonye plummeted to his death while attempting a logic-defying jump.

The student who is said to have been from Imo State, ended his own life after jumping from the 13th floor of his condominium in an alleged bid to escape Malaysian immigration arrest.
According to reports, the incident happened yesterday, at Sri Puri Condominium Kuala Lumpur. The deceased, a student of the City University, Kuala Lumpur, was said to have heard noise from the officers and decided to flee.

He jumped from his building hoping to make a break for it, but instead died due to the fall.
A large volume of Nigerians are departing foor greener pastures and when things don’t line up for them they find themselves enmeshed in criminal activity or other petty crimes like overstaying their welcome.
Malaysia has always been rather ruthless in its war on drugs, illegal immigrants and criminals. A report from August of last year puts the number of Nigerians on death row in Malaysia at 81.

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“As at today, 123 Nigerian students are in various detention centres after being arrested by the Royal Malaysia Police for drug trafficking,” the report read.

“This is out of a total of 350 foreign students in detention in Malaysia,” the report added

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