#BBnaija! Cee C’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Reacts To Her “Virgin Claim”

The drama of the Big Brother house doesn’t look like slowing down or ending anytime soon as another incident have perked the interest of Nigerians and this was the ‘body count’ status of Cee-C.

While in the house, she claimed that she was a virgin and had never had sex.

Speaking to Teddy A, she said; ”I have never had sex in my whole life. The reason you never hear me talk about sex in the house is because I haven’t done it before.”

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This of course caused Nigerians to collectively roll their eyes as no one was buying what she was saying.

Many Nigerians in Twitter called her out saying she was lying about never having sex, but the most damning accuser was her alleged Ex-Boyfriend who in a chat with another friend, called Cee-C a drama queen.

The chat was leaked online and in it, the friend was talking to the alleged Ex and telling him what was going on in the house. From the context of the chat, it seems the Ex was on set and unable to watch the show.

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The friend claimed that Cee-C is not a virgin and she had always been visiting her Ex-boyfriend to have regular sex.

Check out the chat below…

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