Nicki Minaj stayed with me for 12years because of my big d*ck – Safaree reveals

Nicki Minaj’s ex has gained new adoring fans and business propositions since photo of his big manhood leaked online (READ HERE)

Safaree Samuels just revealed that Nicki stayed with him for 12years because of his dick;

His word:

Nicki used to always say to him — if he wasn’t so blessed downstairs, she would have left him. He suggests she was joking, but they were on and off for about 12 years … so we gotta wonder.

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The rapper also tells us his leaked d*** pics are opening new doors, but venturing into the porn industry is a door he wants to keep shut. Sex molds of his member are a possibility, though.

Safaree says his normal biz is also booming since his big reveal … except for a gig at a school getting cancelled.

We Can’t really blame the principal for that.

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