The shocking thing my husband did after moving in with his new wife – Ibadan woman cries out bitterly

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A woman who has become completely fed up with her husband’s really obnoxious behavior, has taken proactive steps to end her misery.

One Iyabo Saheed has dragged her husband before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

“My lord, my husband took another wife and stopped taking care of me and our children. He moved in with his new wife, stopped paying our house rent and asked our landlord to throw me out of our apartment. I bear the responsibility of training our children in school because he never cared. My lord, I’m fed up with his irresponsible act. I plead that you separate us and make him responsible for our children’s welfare.” she told the judge

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Iyabo had brought a divorce suit against her husband, Mosudi Saheed, stating that he abandoned her and their children and failed to be responsible for their education and general welfare.

She thus pleaded with the court to dissolve their union, grant her custody of their three children and make him responsible for their upkeep.

“My husband abandoned me and our children three years ago after he took a new wife. He was always finding fault with whatever I did and was always complaining. There were times he stayed away from home. He always gave me the impression he was on business trip any time he was away from home. I later got to know he had taken a new wife and was always at her place.

“My lord, he has stopped carrying out his duties as head of the home and breadwinner since he took a second wife. He doesn’t care how our children and I survive each day. He stopped giving us feeding allowance and also stopped paying the children’s school fees.

“He moved in with his new wife and stopped paying our house rent. I reported him to my parents, but he refused to pick their calls when they called him.

“Our belongings were later thrown out by our landlord. It was my parents who rented a new apartment for us, “she stated.

“My lord, I accede to divorce “ Mosudi said.

“I moved out of our rented apartment because I was tired of my wife’s troublesome nature. She was used to fighting not only me, but our neighbours and those in the neighbourhood. She turned me into a laughing stock in our neighbourhood because she would not stop fighting until her clothes were torn and was left naked.

“We were sent packing by our landlord because of her quarrelsome nature.

“I once dragged her to a customary court for divorce, but after much plea and promise to change, I took her back but she soon went back to her old ways,” the defendant stated.

“My lord, she insisted our children must attend private school which I can’t afford. I enrolled them in a public school, pay their fee and buy them text books and exercise books every session,” he concluded.

After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje adjourned the case till January 11 for further hearing.

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