10 most industrialized states in Nigeria

This is the list of the 10 most industrialized states in Nigeria……. in order of hierarchy…

(1)LAGOS…..Eko ni baje oh….this is the melting point of all commercial and industrial activities in Nigeria….All industries located in Nigeria has their headquarters in Lagos..This state harbour the highest number of industries in Nigeria….

(2)RIVERS STATE…..The treasure base of the nation…..this state is the 2nd in the hierarchy as it harbours most oil industries like shell, totals,Agip,chevron,INTELs ,NLNG etc and 100s of oil contracting firms around the transamadi industrial axis.

(3)OGUN STATE……The gateway state, due to its proximity to Lagos most industries are sited in this state…it is arguably the 3rd industrialized state in Nigeria…. Giant company like lafarge, dangote cement,gamble,intercontinental distrills etc are all domiciled in the gateway state…

(4)ANAMBRA STATE…..light of the nation, This is made possible by the industrious nature of the indegenes…The unrelented and industrious indigenes place the state on the this position…The state of the rising sun harbours giant industries like interfact, innoson motors, life breweries,ibeto auto batteries, cosharis, cutix cable etc.

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(5) ABIA STATE……The Aba made….this state has the 5th highest number of industries but is the 1st most industrialized state when it comes to counterfeits, because they replicate and duplicate any goods/items that is known to man…every goods produced in China has its second hand at Aba….those guys are wonderful and are arguably the pride of Nigeria when it comes to human intelligence..

(6) ENUGU STATE…..042….This state is a silient achiever… Giant industries like the Nigeria brewery, innoson plastics manufacturing, Ammco motors(manufacturers of Mercedes truck), peace vehicle assembly plant etc are all domiciled in Enugu state.

(7) OYO STATE….the brown roof city, is the 7th in position,as the largest tobacco company in Nigeria is domiciled in this state, other industries are also located in this state.

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(7)KANO STATE….the centre of commerce of northern Nigeria also have some number of industries like kura biscuits, cloth dyeing industries etc.

(8) AKWA-IBOM STATE…..This state harbours the giant Mobil, pencil and toothpick industry..

(9)OSUN STATE….the omoluabis….I love this state,very quiet and tolerating people….Their accommodating nature got them the international brewery last year(makers of trophy beer)…the interfact brewery also have a subsidiary there ( makers of beta malt)….ogbeni I hail oh….

(10)IMO STATE…..ngwori on point…this state have some industries like the recently revived paint industry, 33 brewery at mgbidi,and the recently commissoned oil tools part fabricating company and some oil company are domiciled in this state especially the oguta axis.

Notable mention: Kaduna

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