Heroin addict who strips at a nude bar just to fund her lifestyle becomes clean

A HEROIN addict who turned to stripping to fund her drug habit, which could total £240-a-day, has bravely documented her tough battle to sobriety with a startling photo series.

Alex was 17 when she tried heroin for the first time. The teen steadily increased her usage when her mother, an alcoholic, hanged herself.

She has not spoken to or seen her crack cocaine-addicted father since she was 10.

In order to fund her spiralling habit, Alex, from Baltimore, began dancing in her underwear at a strip joint.

She would also occasionally perform sex acts on customers she met at the club, finding it a quicker and easier way to make money.

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In 2011, Alex met Sara Naomi a photo-journalist in a bar.

“When I first saw Alex I could tell she was quite clearly an addict,” Sara told The Sun Online.

“When you live in Baltimore you get to know the look of a heroin addict; it’s a big drug trafficking area.

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