Wife shoots husband dead because he stopped giving her oral sex (Photo)

Woman kills husband because he stopped eating her vagina

Beyond belief!

A very angry US woman has allegedly murdered her husband because he stopped eating her v@gina every night.

The 38-year-old woman identified as Tasha Smith, according to TMZ has been arrested after killing her husband because he stopped giving her oral sex and went ahead to get a new girlfriend.

The woman from Maryland while giving reasons for her act, said: “Before we got married he used to eat my v@gina every night. He suddenly changed, he knew I love to have my v@gina eaten before making love.”

TMZ reports that Smith grabbed a gun and drove to her husbands girlfriends home because she heard he was there with a new woman.

Once in the apartment, Smith shot her husband Reginald.

The police arrived and he was rushed to the local hospital, but he died from the gunshot wounds.

“She went there to complain about how he stopped eating her v@gina but was eating his new girlfriends v@gina so things got crazy and he was shot in the chest”

The new girlfriend Beverly Andrews told Tmzworldstar:

“I’m not saying I agree with what she did but I understand why she flipped out, I just think she took it way too far she didn’t have to do that”

Tasha’s trial date is set for next month, in which “She wishes to profess her innocence and go to trial on this matter,” according to Assistant Public Defender Arthur Knight.

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