Comedian proposes to girlfriend live on stage and gets rejected (Photo + Video)

comedian propses to girlfriend on stage and gets turned down

This was a very difficult moment for a stand-up comic who was turned down by his girlfriend after he proposed to her live on stage at one of this shows.

In the video, the comedian can be seen delivering a heartfelt speech before he pops the question – but his girlfriend can tell where he’s heading and starts shaking her head in utter desperation.

Watch the video below:

‘You know, you’re everything to me and I kind of wanted to tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he says before taking the shiny rock out of its box.

But she’s not having it, and what follows next is a lesson in the art of awkwardness, as the pair have a quiet heart to heart in full view of the crowd.

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The girlfriend then disappears off stage after a short chat between the pair, and it’s up to the burnt boyfriend to get back to his job.
‘Um, I guess I’ll just do some jokes,’ he dejectedly tells the crowd.

That probably means the end of the relationship.


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