6 things women notice the first time they meet a man

When a woman meet a guy first time

Meeting a new guy can be as exhilarating as it is daunting. For him to be bae, he has to meet the approval of your mates, your family and more importantly and first on the list- you! So if you are wondering if the little things you just have to tick off your list after he says hello are important then compare your list to ours!

1) His appearance!

We are finicky about the way he looks. We want a man who breathes swag! He doesn’t have to wear very expensive clothes but his clothes should fit him and be a good match and his sense of style should be good enough to keep us interested.

2) His time piece!

A good wristwatch speaks volumes. It says he is classy, he has good taste and he can afford to splurge so our eyes never miss the sparkle beneath his sleeve!

3) His breath!

Fresh breath is a must-have. Bad breath is a deal breaker any day and any man who is oblivious to the smell emanating from his mouth will be oblivious to other things that are very important to us besides how can we even bear to respond to his hello when his breath is hostile?

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4) His diction!

Good English is a must. A man who can’t construct a proper sentence without burning our ears will never be bae! Where would we even start from? How on earth would we communicate or introduce him to other sapiosexuals?

5) His manners!

We want prince charming and not an ogre in a nice suit! If he can’t be decent to the strangers around him and acts rude, brash or entitled or less than the gentleman he ought to be then he definitely won’t make the cut! Chivalry isn’t dead!

6) His scent!

There’s nothing quite as heavenly as a man who smells good. The scent of his cologne mixing with his manly scent just makes our pheromones gush! On the other hand a man who smells sweaty, icky or pungent is an immediate turn off.

So which of these have you crossed off your list today? If he doesn’t make first cut, there’s no point probing deeper!


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