Inspector General of Police reacts to Oba of Lagos controversial comment on Igbos (Video)

oba of lagos

Watch the video below of the Inspector General of Police Suleiman Abba reacting to Oba of Lagos controversial comments on Igbos.


He said “I saw it in the media and I tried all my best to verify whether that statement was made and, so far, what I have been able to gather is the fact that the Oba himself denied it. And if the Oba denied it, who am I to say that he didn’t make it.
However, if for any reason that becomes a subject of further efforts to confirm if he did it or not, I think we will leave that to the future. But for now, this is what I have.”

Watch the video and share your thoughts below:

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[ says: Inspector General, the audio and video recording is out there on the media and internet, what other prove do you need to know if the comment was made or not. This shows the Police Department is not functioning, I pity Nigeria.]
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